Digital Assessment

Part of our application process is a digital interview. In order to help those of you sitting these, we have put together some advice and some tips to be considered when preparing for the assessment.

– Dress as you would for any interview – this is the first time we get to see you, make a great first impression.

– Set yourself up somewhere that you won’t get disturbed, and use the practice time to make sure that there isn’t a window casting a nasty glare over the screen, and that ultimately you feel as comfortable as possible.

– Make sure you look at the advice given in the email. This includes how to get your laptop set up properly; how the interview works; how long you get to digest the question before answering it (it’s 30 seconds by the way) and loads of other helpful stuff.

– Make full use of the practice time available. During this time you can try out a few questions that will be in a similar style to those you’ll be asked in the actual interview. This will also give you the chance to make sure your computer is working properly and that the sound is right.

– During the interview you can either have the video on so you can see yourself or if you’d prefer not to see yourself, you can switch it off! When we did ours, some of us preferred to turn the video view off, as it’s horribly tempting to look at the screen rather than in the camera. This is an interview and eye contact, albeit through the camera, is important. However, this is a personal choice and use the practice time to decide which is the best approach for you.