• Quality not quantity. Even though there are no word limits on the questions, don’t be tempted to waffle.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to complete the form, don’t rush it.
  • Try not to repeat yourself.
  • Print out your form before submitting it and check that the spelling and grammar are correct. Get someone else to check it, it can be difficult to spot mistakes if you’ve been working on something for a long time.
  • Be honest. When you get to the interview stage it will be obvious if you’re not telling the truth!
  • Keep it short and snappy, be concise.
  • Tailor your answers to Grant Thornton, don’t just copy and paste from other applications.
  • Consider which location you are applying to. If a certain location is oversubscribed then there is an possibility you may be asked to interview for another office.
  • Apply when applications open, don’t wait for the deadlines. We’re open now so get your application in!
  • Don’t use your university email address. Remember you won’t be able to use this after the end of your final year and we might still need to contact you.
  • Think about the competencies we’re looking for. These are adaptability, initiative, ownership, building business relationships, business insight, results driven, influencing, critical thinking, motivation.

Don’t just take it from us……here is some advice from our most recent trainees:

“Do your research. Reading through the Grant Thornton website…..really enabled me to tailor my answers to fit in with the firm’s ethos and show that I had a good general awareness of Grant Thornton”.  Sarah – Joining Public Sector Audit (Bristol) in Spring 2014.