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The School Leaver Series 2016 – Sam

my-lync-photo-min-2Over the course of this week, we will be sharing a number of blogs from a few of our school leavers from across the firm. In these blogs, we will be sharing some of the great experiences we’ve had since working at Grant Thornton, whilst at the same time, talking about the key themes that come with joining as a school leaver, as opposed to being a graduate. We hope you find these useful! Read this post

How to Apply…

So you’ve decided to apply to one of GT’s trainee programmes and you’re asking yourself what’s the application form like, will it take me ages? The good news is we’ve shortened our application form considerably; it really won’t take you long.

Once you’ve found the right area for you (Audit, Tax, Advisory … graduate, intern, placement or work experience) then you’re ready to get started. The first thing you’ll do is create a profile. It’s quite straight forward, but there’s a few things you’ll need to know. These tips will massively help you navigate the application form.

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Molly’s Accelerate Diary – September 2014

I haven’t written a diary blog in a long time as the past few months have felt ridiculously busy (more outside of work than in as I’ve been making all sorts of new house decisions – which sofa, which mugs, which mortgage!?). There came a point in my day today however where I felt as though writing a blog would be the perfect thing to relieve my stress, after I made the fatal mistake of clicking ‘no’ when Word asked me if I wanted to save changes to a document I’d been working on all afternoon. Read this post