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A Level Results Day… One Year On

Today’s guest blog comes from Chris, a trainee in our Manchester office who joined as a School Leaver last August…

This time last year, I didn’t quite know what to expect, whether that was with my exam results, or in starting my career at Grant Thornton.

Unfortunately, my exam results didn’t go the way I would have wanted, and that’s when the worry started to settle in about my prospects of joining the firm. I was on holiday at the time, and I remember as soon as my results came out, the first phone call I received was from Michelle in the resourcing team telling me not to be too hard on myself, and that Grant Thornton was still the place to be in order for me to develop my knowledge, and the skills that I had previously picked up in my A Level Accounting course.

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Takeover 2016: CIPFA Explained – An Associate’s Perspective

When it comes to choosing which firm and which service line is right for you, finding out more about the qualification that you will be studying towards during your first few years is an important part of making the right decision. I spoke to Sophie Medwell – Public Sector Assurance associate and CIPFA representative for the Bristol office – to find out more about her experiences with studying towards the CIPFA qualification…

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Tax Diaries – A second year associate’s insight

The recruiting season is coming to an end here at Grant Thornton. Congratulations to all of you who have accepted graduate offers and will be joining us in September, and we’re also looking forward to welcoming interns on July 5th in London for the Intern conference.

This is a good time to give an update on what I am up to, and an insight into being in your second year in tax. Just as a reminder, I joined the graduate scheme in September 2014 in the Real Estate tax team in London. I’m part of a large group of previous interns who accepted offers to join the graduate scheme.

Second year is a big step up in terms of responsibility, workload and making connections. Let me give you an idea of my diary over the last few weeks……

Mid-April I went back to college for the next stage of professional exams (ACA) for Business Planning Tax. Studying Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Surrey meant that I took a few exemptions including two at professional level, so not as much pressure this time as when I sat the last three exams at the same time back in December (glad to say I passed!). This time I was in a new class with a mixture of firms. Personally, I like this as I’ve made new friends from different firms where we can share our experiences and network.

The next week was a mixture of working from home, at a client or in the office. Compliance season for tax provisioning is kicking off. Auditors require the accounts to include a deferred tax figure and, therefore, we have to prepare the tax returns using draft audit figures followed by the deferred tax calculations for each entity. I spent a day with the auditors on site obtaining information needed for the tax analysis. An additional complication this this year is the transition from UK GAAP to IFRS, requiring both audit and tax adjustments and extra time to allow for this. This is definitely one of my most complicated and demanding clients, needing as to work very hard as a team to get everything done by our deadlines.
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Tax Diaries – A first year associate’s insight

Mini-series alert! We are going to provide insights into the diaries of three Grant Thornton employees who work in tax. We start off with Alex, a first year tax associate. Later on in the week we hear from a second year tax associate and finally from an executive. We hope to provide you with more detail on what you may be doing as a graduate here and see the progression through the years.

I am going to begin this blog with a slight disclaimer – this is the first time I have ever written a blog and thus cannot be held responsible for the following prose should it not be as informative, entertaining, funny, and thrilling as you expected when you first clicked on it.

Now that we have cleared that up, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Alex and I am a first year Associate within Grant Thornton’s property tax team based in the Euston office in London. I grew up in Bath and after studying Politics at the University of Leicester, I moved to London. I originally worked within the recruitment industry for two years before deciding on a career change and joining the team here at Grant Thornton. I am studying towards the ACA qualification and have just completed the first six certificate level exams.

The purpose of this blog is to give you an idea of what the life of a first year associate in one of Grant Thornton’s tax teams is like so I thought I would pick apart my diary from the last month or so.

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The PSA Series: Life as a PSA Associate

stb vlog interview

The last guest blog in our PSA series comes from Jenny, an Associate in our Liverpool Office…

PSA is a rapidly growing department here at Grant Thornton and it’s with good reason- our firm is the best in its field. Grant Thornton is the UK’s number 1 Public Sector Auditor, boasting a 33% market share of Public Sector clients, making us the leading firm of business advisers in this space.

So, looking past the shiny facts and figures, what do we actually do on a daily basis and how does this fit into the bigger picture? After joining Grant Thornton only three months ago as a PSA Associate, I still have a pretty fresh perspective on how it all works.

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The PSA Series: Graduate Journey


blogThe next guest blog in the PSA series comes from Patrick, a graduate in the Liverpool office…

Hi, my names Patrick McCloskey. I’m an Accounting and Finance graduate working towards my professional accountancy qualification at Grant Thornton as a Public Sector Audit trainee. You’re probably reading this to get a better understanding as to why you’ve applied for Public Sector Audit or rather why you should apply, right? I’ll help you answer that by sharing my experience and answering those questions from my point of view.

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The PSA Series: The CIPFA/ICAS Qualification

PSA to Dublin

The next guest blog in the PSA series comes from Will, a graduate in the Liverpool office…

Reading this title you may be wondering what PSA is? In short, think ‘standard’ commercial audit but only for public sector entities such as councils, hospitals, colleges etc. Before I applied I read everything I could find on the blog and it really helped me out, not only in terms of getting through the application but helping me understand whether PSA was a path I wanted to take. I’m an anthropology graduate so familiarity with maths wasn’t exactly at the top of my CV, but the job is just as much about people as it is about the numbers!

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The PSA Series: Applicant to intern to graduate


I’m Helen and I joined the Public Sector Audit (PSA) Manchester team on the graduate programme in July 2015, having completed a three month internship the summer before. I guess if you’re on this blog you’re trying to find out more about public sector audit, and whether it’s for you? Hopefully this blog will give you a better idea of what life is like in PSA. Here’s a photo of me and my college mates enjoying an away dinner,

The application stage

The first thing – and probably the most nerve wracking – is applying! But as strange as it sounds, I really enjoyed my application process with Grant Thornton. On the day of my assessment centre I nervously arrived at the Liverpool office, expecting a grilling but I was instantly made to feel so welcome. The day kicked off with the group activity and then the individual interviews. We also had the opportunity to meet with current associates and ask questions about life a trainee. This was my first time speaking to an Associate and  it was interesting to get a first-hand perspective on what to expect. Once my nerves were put to one side I really enjoyed the day and found it quite interesting.

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