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Why Public Sector Audit?

As a placement student in Public Sector Audit (PSA), you soon learn that when Grant Thornton job advertisements state that your job role will entail early responsibility, they are not joking! You will be plunged straight into work after your first week of induction training, with a supportive team around to answer questions and to help you get to grips with the day-to-day activities of your job.

However, as is typical with audit, there are peaks and troughs in the volume of work throughout the year. During quieter periods, you can utilise your time to learn more about the business and your chosen department. Commercial awareness is widely valued at Grant Thornton, so an understanding both your clients and the wider assurance department helps you to improve the quality of your work.

I interviewed Richard Percival, an Associate Director in the Birmingham office to learn more about the world of Audit. His candid replies offer a more personal insight into PSA, and he has a few words of advice for those of you that may still be uncertain of whether to apply for an intern or trainee role, helping you to make an informed decision based upon your interests and motivations. It’s not a shortest of articles, but it is definitely worth a read, so here goes! Read this post

Public Sector Audit Internship: My First Week

From what I thought and who I met, to what I did and where I went, this blog gives a pretty comprehensive account of my first week as a public sector audit (PSA) intern at the London Euston office. Although your experience won’t be the same, I hope this gives those soon to join Grant Thornton a flavour of what is to come in your first week.

Holly, Public Sector Audit Intern

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Takeover 2016: PSA Fact File

Personally, I never used Spilling the Beans more than when I was preparing for my final round assessment centre at the Birmingham office. So, rather than creating a day-in-the-life blog as many of my colleagues have already finely done in far better style than I am capable of, I thought it best, on a rainy train journey back from Shrewsbury to Brum, to explain what it is that makes Public Sector Audit (PSA) at Grant Thornton a bit unique, and let you know everything I wished I had known when I was preparing for my interview to get here…

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Takeover 2016: CIPFA Explained – An Associate’s Perspective

When it comes to choosing which firm and which service line is right for you, finding out more about the qualification that you will be studying towards during your first few years is an important part of making the right decision. I spoke to Sophie Medwell – Public Sector Assurance associate and CIPFA representative for the Bristol office – to find out more about her experiences with studying towards the CIPFA qualification…

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The PSA Series: Life as a PSA Associate

stb vlog interview

The last guest blog in our PSA series comes from Jenny, an Associate in our Liverpool Office…

PSA is a rapidly growing department here at Grant Thornton and it’s with good reason- our firm is the best in its field. Grant Thornton is the UK’s number 1 Public Sector Auditor, boasting a 33% market share of Public Sector clients, making us the leading firm of business advisers in this space.

So, looking past the shiny facts and figures, what do we actually do on a daily basis and how does this fit into the bigger picture? After joining Grant Thornton only three months ago as a PSA Associate, I still have a pretty fresh perspective on how it all works.

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The PSA Series: Graduate Journey


blogThe next guest blog in the PSA series comes from Patrick, a graduate in the Liverpool office…

Hi, my names Patrick McCloskey. I’m an Accounting and Finance graduate working towards my professional accountancy qualification at Grant Thornton as a Public Sector Audit trainee. You’re probably reading this to get a better understanding as to why you’ve applied for Public Sector Audit or rather why you should apply, right? I’ll help you answer that by sharing my experience and answering those questions from my point of view.

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The PSA Series: The CIPFA/ICAS Qualification

PSA to Dublin

The next guest blog in the PSA series comes from Will, a graduate in the Liverpool office…

Reading this title you may be wondering what PSA is? In short, think ‘standard’ commercial audit but only for public sector entities such as councils, hospitals, colleges etc. Before I applied I read everything I could find on the blog and it really helped me out, not only in terms of getting through the application but helping me understand whether PSA was a path I wanted to take. I’m an anthropology graduate so familiarity with maths wasn’t exactly at the top of my CV, but the job is just as much about people as it is about the numbers!

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The PSA Series: Applicant to intern to graduate


I’m Helen and I joined the Public Sector Audit (PSA) Manchester team on the graduate programme in July 2015, having completed a three month internship the summer before. I guess if you’re on this blog you’re trying to find out more about public sector audit, and whether it’s for you? Hopefully this blog will give you a better idea of what life is like in PSA. Here’s a photo of me and my college mates enjoying an away dinner,

The application stage

The first thing – and probably the most nerve wracking – is applying! But as strange as it sounds, I really enjoyed my application process with Grant Thornton. On the day of my assessment centre I nervously arrived at the Liverpool office, expecting a grilling but I was instantly made to feel so welcome. The day kicked off with the group activity and then the individual interviews. We also had the opportunity to meet with current associates and ask questions about life a trainee. This was my first time speaking to an Associate and  it was interesting to get a first-hand perspective on what to expect. Once my nerves were put to one side I really enjoyed the day and found it quite interesting.

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I’ve Joined! Joining Grant Thornton… The Unconventional Way



Our latest guest blog comes from Jenny – a new starter in Public Sector Assurance based in the Liverpool Office.

So, university seemed the be all and end all to me – the one thing that differentiated the exceptional from the good, and the deal maker when it came to securing that all important first ‘proper’ job. With a firm nudge from school, I headed off to a reputable red brick university to study a bachelor of science in Accounting and Finance… Read this post

Pitching as an Associate…the new normal in PSA


When you apply for a trainee position in a professional services firm, you always get asked this one question: “What do you think you will be doing on a day-to-day basis?”

As an Associate in Public Sector Assurance you will be heavily involved in audit testing for our existing clients. But more crucially, you will also see more of the other side – winning new work!

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