• 'Allo 'allo 'allo! Did you know GT are the number one auditor of local government and police bodies? We are so excited that we have been awarded the largest share of contracts based on our amazing audit quality scores! Check out #gtlife #psa #audit #numberone
  • Proud to see that we have been recognised as the No 1 employer in the Social Mobility Employer Index by the Social Mobility Foundation!🎉 P.S. watch out for our new interns taking over STB 👀💥 #1 #GTlife #InternTakeover #SocialMobility
  • Just got an office-wide email saying how there's ice creams courtesy of a director in the break-out area. Now... being an auditor, I'm rarely in office... but I want an ice cream. So, fortunately, the absolute babe of an auditor @jodhiem comes into our audit room with a strawberry cornetto (can't resist saying like in Hot Fuzz).. so while I'm sat out on client with a folder on my lap, another on the chair next to me and a pile of review points to trawl through... at least I have my 🍦#gtlife #summer #icecream #audit
  • You know you're in good company when you're working on a client that has puns like this on their finance office door. Hope you'll all settling back down after your #bAeCA exams last week, professional level #bAeCAers. Keep working hard, advanced level #bAeCAers! 💪🏻💜 #gtlife #pun
  • TGIF 🎉 . . . #work #friday #summer #event #thamesvalley #sunny #friyay #TGIF #accountant #gtlife #gttrainees
  • Don't want to get political - that's not our place! But I think it's really important that we go out and vote in this #election (whoever that is for!) Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to have our say! The polling stations close at 10pm tonight so still got plenty of time!
  • Just finished my exams for this sitting! I now have no idea what to do with my life! ... okay maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration 😉 #audittomorrow #cantwait ... it's important to keep pushing forwards wherever that may be for you and to keep working hard 💪🏻 but make sure to take time out to relax and have fun too when you get the chance! 💜#workhardplayhard #youdeserveit
  • Video says it all. I even wish you luck twice! #doubleluck Just came out of a notoriously challenging paper - BPT. Wishing all exam takers this week the best of luck and to stay positive and keep pushing forwards 💪🏻💜 #bAeCA #exams #staypositive
  • It's exam season again... just a week away until my next two behemoths get slain. Such a mental challenge to stay focused and motivated and really strengthens you as a person 💪🏻 Just make sure you have breaks and above all else your eyes pinned on the end goal and the walls in between you and your goals are there to be smashed through one by one. So when you find yourself facing a mock exam on a bank holiday Monday morning followed by after class evening study... you need to keep strong and prove to yourself just how strong you are. You're not alone. You're amongst so many friends. Let's do this together! 💜#gtlife
  • Happy Friday! ☀️ . #bradenham #manor #summer #sunshine #gtlife #gttrainees #vibranteconomy #countryside #beautiful #view
  • Exam season... again 😣 Have a read of our new blog called "The importance of being resilient" It's up now on our Spilling the beans trainee website! #Gtlife #Spillingthebeans #VibrantWe
  • Today I've been filmed as part of the Vibrant Economy video which will be shown across the firm at our next quarterly business update. There's nothing better than feeling part of something that really matters 💪🏻 -Jenny #VibrantEconomy #London #SharedEnterprise
  • The view from last nights #futureofwork dinner . #gttrainees #gtlife #futurethinking #grantthornton #londonskyline
  • So here I am on a Tuesday night, in a Travelodge just off the A14, going through my BPT notes 4 weeks away from having completed this next stage of exams. This is where audit can take you, folks. Balancing client work with study with a tiny bit of a social life (if you dare) is a skill to develop in the run up to exams. #bAeCA #gtlife #exams
  • Now we know we are leaving the EU, it's time to rise up and "make your voice count". As young people looking to make an impact and apply for opportunities with progressive organisations like @grantthorntonuk we want your ideas in our #vibranteconomy manifesto to make the UK awesome! Go to and get involved! #election2017 #GE17

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