• Awesome having these enthusiastic @uniofeastanglia students come to our Norwich office to talk to us about life at @grantthorntonuk as well as engage in a session aiming to develop their personal brand and commercial awareness. Such a lovely group to work with and something we look forward to doing more of in the future!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’œ #gtlife #personalbrand #commercialawareness #training #students
  • After a crazy week of exams, recruitment events, social events and getting used to being back at work after loads of study, it’s great to finish the week off with a grand social event that brings the long dresses and bow ties out. Hope you’re all having a great weekend. πŸ’œ #gtlife #youngprofessionals #social #networking
  • Awesome event tonight held by Mills and Reeve Solicitors in Norwich - got to see exhibitions showcasing Russian history and had beef stroganoff as well as making our own Russian themed cocktails with the help of @adnams - thank you for the invite guys! We had a great time! And we look forward to the table tennis tournament between M&R and GT in the near future! πŸ“ #gtlife #russian #social #networking #art #cocktails
  • Awesome opportunity to share the @grantthorntonuk lifestyle with loads of business students at @uniofeastanglia last night! Had some really great discussions about us vs the Big 4 and work life balance. Amazing to see loads of freshers being so proactive in looking for advice and guidance about their future careers. I look forward to developing an even closer relationship with these guys in the future πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #gtlife #students #norwich #university
  • The standard PDW motivational post-exam pep talk. It’s super important to strive on and keep pushing #thinkbigthinkpositive there’s nothing I can do about that exam today - let’s go smash the others out, aye? AYE! πŸ’ͺ🏻 best of luck to everyone taking advanced level #bAeCA exams this week! Much love from Noz πŸ’œ #gtlife #exam #motivation #persistence #letsgo
  • So we decided to organise a table tennis tournament for the whole office. Got an awesome take up and some hidden tekkers popping up outta nowhere! I hear the other offices in central region are getting table tennis setups too... this could be big, guys... πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #tabletennis #teambuilding #social #office #gtlife
  • That stray ray of sunlight shining through into the classroom to push you to finish that mock exam. Advanced level #bAeCA exams in T minus 1.5 weeks. #letsgo #gtlife #exams #study
  • Come on down to the @uniofeastanglia recruitment fair to talk to these lovely trainees from the Norwich Office! Make sure you check out the fairs at @uniofreading and @warwickuniversity too! We’re here to help you understand what your future at GT could look like so come down with your questions and we’ll be happy to help you out! πŸ’œ #recruitment #opportunities #gtlife
  • Just wanted to make sure you guys knew about the recruitment fairs going on up and down the country - awesome chance to come talk with us GT trainees face to face! Hopefully see you all there! πŸ’œ@uniofeastanglia @uniofreading @universityofwarwick #recruitmentfair #gtlife
  • So I got nominated as employee of the month in Norwich Audit for September (aka "Norwich Warrior") because of all the different opportunities I had got involved with. Our aspiring leaders programme, the new recruitment brochure, the online application process, internal focus groups, as well as taking on the incharge role on various clients, supervising others and dealing more directly with the client. (basically, I worked hard and did a lots of challenging, exciting stuff).... In response, the team decided to get me some tickets to go see Jason Byrne's comedy show as a reward. Something I wouldn't have normally got for myself and ended up being a brilliant night out with friends. Awesome to be recognised and a really positive message sent out to show that the "above and beyond" you bring to work is celebrated πŸ’œNow back to revision for exams in 3 weeks! πŸ€“πŸ‘»πŸ˜¬ #reward #opportunities #prize #recognition #gtlife
  • You have the opportunity to do more than just your day job here. Take opportunities, take risks. Watch Sacha Romanovitch's TED talk about yours and GT's role in shaping a VIBRANT ECONOMY. #gtlife #vibranteconomy #Saturdaymotivation
  • Cheeky bit of #netball at a tournament organised by Spire Solicitors for young professionals in Norwich. I remember doing a post from this same event this time last year! Muad how quickly a year can pass with my #gtfam #gtlife #networking #team #flickofthewrist
  • Looking for a fulfilling career? One that can have a wider impact on society? Apply now for our graduate and school leaver opportunities. And apply from 1st Nov for 12-month placement roles and from 1st Dec for our internship opportunities. Join us and shape more than just your career #gtopportunities #shapemorethan #grantthornton
  • Just wanted to show how @grantthorntonuk is moving towards getting trainees involved from an early stage in the client discussions and tendering process. Really appreciate the opportunity and I know that this will become an even more common event for trainees going forward. Such an empowering thing to be asked to join our leadership team and learn from how we are going to market in the real world after our practice exercise on Monday. Can't wait to do more of this sort of thing to broaden my job role even more! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’œ #gtlife #meeting #empowered #gtopportunities #aspiringleaders
  • Had a couple of placement year students working at the Cambridge office asking what I was doing in @grantthorntonuk's "Aspiring Leader Programme" today. It's an awesome opportunity to sit down with the regional business leaders to discuss our organisation at a strategic level. We also had to do a pitching exercise to a target client where our leaders acted as that target. Worked really hard as a team to create a presentation we are really proud of. This is just one of the opportunities available to those who want to go above and beyond. #gtlife #gtopportunities #aspiringleaders

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